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The SalesPad Desktop Webinar Series offers viewers a chance to learn, listen, and interact live. Tune in as one of our SalesPad Desktop aficionados discusses relevant topics about our product suite in real time. Webinars also provide you an opportunity to chat and discuss during the live stream.

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Getting the Pulse of Your Business — A Manager’s Guide to Utilizing SalesPad Desktop

Tune in as one of our sales engineers, Maggie Younce, discusses how SalesPad Desktop can help you get the pulse of your business from a high-level perspective.

We offer solutions for KPIs (i.e. top 5 metrics), multiple queries for quick and easy decision making, and tool tips for profitability at a glance. If you’re looking for ad hoc reporting with our Sales Analysis module, keeping track of employees using our Sales Monitor, or pulling it all together with Quick Reports, SalesPad Desktop is the solution.

March 21, 2018  |  3 p.m. ET  |  Register >

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