Control employee tasks and activities, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. Make operations more agile, compliant, optimal, and visible with real-time information to help react quicker and decide smarter. SalesPad Cloud means a better fit for your business.

Included in one low monthly price, you will also receive access to SalesPad Cloud CRM, E-commerce, Point of Sale, Inventory and Purchasing.


SalesPad Cloud Workflow allows you to easily create workflows for all your transactional documents. Map real-world processes directly into the software. Define the series of steps and transitions that take documents from creation through shipping. Create rules that evaluate documents and system information to route those accurately. Prevent shipping orders to those already owing you money, check margins, or reroute priority orders. Micromanage orders from all your channels without ever opening them via SalesPad Cloud’s Workflow.


Decrease mistakes and staff training time with Salespad Cloud Workflow. The previous amount of domain knowledge required by staff, due to the digital mapping process is no longer needed.Manual steps such as checking accounts receivable, document margin, and order completeness get checked automatically.


Organize systems through SalesPad Cloud’s Workflow that better tackle employee tasks, increase efficiency, and reduce errors. Your business becomes more agile, compliant, optimal, and visible, while providing the real-time information you need to react quicker and decide smarter.

7 signs it’s time to upgrade your inventory management software.

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7 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Inventory Management Software
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