Upgrade SalesPad Desktop Products

Our consulting assistance for an upgrade is estimated at four to six hours and includes the following tasks: installing the new version to the test company, running the database update (if needed), limited testing to ensure customer can process transactions, review and training on new features, and assistance with GoLive at a mutually agreed and scheduled time.

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Note: SalesPad will help install the upgrade to a test company to help ensure minimal down time for the customer. Once testing has been completed with the new version in the test company, the SalesPad team will work with the customer to determine the best course of action for deploying the new build to the Live production environment. At this point, involvement may be required from your GP partner. (Please note, these items should be available during the upgrade process: access to SQL Management Studio; sa username/password; SalesPad admin user; a recent backup of the database we are installing against; access to GP with admin user.)

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