Shipping That’s Smooth Sailing, from Warehouse to Doorstep.

Easily manage your shipping operations. Monitor and manage sales orders so you can ship products quickly and reliably. ShipTo makes it easy to to import your shipment data to UPS® and FedEx®, process the shipment and then write the shipment costs and package tracking numbers back to your sales orders. Orders are then forwarded in workflow and managed through the invoicing process. ShipTo integrates with UPS Worldship®, FedEx Ship Manager®, Microsoft Dynamics GP and, optionally, SalesPad Desktop.

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Shipping Monitor

Monitor ready-to-ship order and prioritize them according to your needs. Click or scan the order number to import orders into UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager.

Batch Shipping

Utilizing batch shipping, users can process multiple shipments at once and process multiple sales line items in a single step with an integration with UPS WorldShip's batch importing.

Sales Automation

Shipping information, freight amounts and tracking information are automatically written to the appropriate fields in sales documents. Orders are then forwarded in workflow and managed through the invoicing process.

Fully Integrated shipping

No need to run a third-party applications such as UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager in the background, ShipTo writes directly to these applications making it a true all-in-one shipping solution.

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