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A full front-end order entry, purchasing, and inventory management solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Oversee and manage every stage of distribution. SalesPad Desktop is the ultimate tool for distribution and manufacturing companies. Process orders more accurately and efficiently, while having full visibility into each step of your workflow. Simplify the lives of your customer service and sales reps by putting information at their fingertips with powerful Excel®-style searching. Operating outside of Dynamics GP cuts down on your costs per seat and adds additional levels of security by removing warehouse employees out of your accounting and vice versa.

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Gain extensive mobile, warehouse, payment processing, and EDI functionality with our add-on products.

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Inventory Management

Take control of your inventory better than ever before. SalesPad Desktop takes Microsoft Dynamic GP’s inventory capabilities to a whole new level. Analyze your inventory, make educated purchasing decisions, and never have a doubt about where your items are located.


Eliminate bottlenecks throughout your business with enhanced workflow visibility. SalesPad‘s workflow functionality gives you ultimate control and ensures that only the orders that should leave your warehouse do, eliminating costly errors and reducing holding expenses.

Counter Sales

Designed for companies that have a cash and carry environment, Counter Sales provides a simple and efficient platform for customer-facing order entry, as well as catalog-style item selection, credit card processing, signature capture, and end-of-day reporting.

Sales Order Processing

Faster and more accurate order entry means satisfied customers and increased sales. SalesPad Desktop includes  variety of features for streamlined item entry and order processing.


Effortlessly build and configure custom or standard  bill of material, all while generating a silent manufacturing order in the background. If your business needs a more simplified apprach, SalesPad Desktop provides the ability to do invenotry BOMs and assembly transactions.

Search - UDFs

Unlike Dynamics GP, SalesPad Desktop allows for an unlimited number of user defined fields, enabling you to track pertinent information about your customers, inventory, orders, and more. Excel-like search functions gives users a familiar platform that puts important information right at their fingertips.


Utilizing increased customer, interaction and order visibility, SalesPad gives you all the tools necessary to provide superior customer service. Monitor your business opportunities, manage prospects, and assign specific prospects and opportunities to your sales reps.

Outlook® Integration

Synchronize your calendars and integrate incoming and outgoing customer emails with SalesPad's CRM functions, allowing you to keep better track of interactions with customers.

Steiner Tractor Parts

“Instantly, training was easier. … We were using a number of separate systems in the past. Now, they only need to learn SalesPad.”

– Elizabeth Gross, E-Commerce Manager

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Why SalesPad Desktop?

SalesPad Desktop is cost effective. Sales reps can work exclusively in SalesPad, eliminating the need to purchase additional Dynamics GP licenses – a savings of approximately 30 percent.

SalesPad Desktop is flexible. Tailer specific modules to fit your current demands and gradually expand capacity as your business grows.

SalesPad Desktop is easy to use. Data is easily accessible with multi-tab single screen view while bring an intuitive and modern interface to your Microsoft Dynamics GP data.

SalesPad Desktop is powerful. Utilize the most robust workflow, sales, purchasing, inventory, and CRM platform for Dynamics GP users.


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