Gain better inventory control with visibility that efficiently oversees and directs ordering, storing, and usage of products with SalesPad Cloud inventory management.

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Ensure items get sufficiently stocked wherever they are sold. SalesPad Cloud’s unified inventory management system provides visibility that efficiently oversees and directs orders, storage, and usage of products and components.


You might not care about the costing capabilities of SalesPad Cloud but your accountant will! With multiple valuation methods, there are several options that benefit your business. First in, first out (FIFO); last in, last out (LIFO); weighted average; and/or standard costing models are all supported.


Support multiple locations and channels with ease using SalesPad Cloud. You can create and receive transfer orders between locations/warehouses to balance inventory.


Track inventory down to the bin-level per location. This enables quicker and more accurate system for put-away, picking, and transfers of products. Take inventory accuracy to the next level with bin tracking.


Manually or automatically add serial/lot numbers to inventory on receipt or adjustment. Utilize specifics for costing, expirations, warranties, recalls, and more. Track by receipt for each transaction and delivery, with effortless visibility at every step. From receiving to sales and returns, view the history of individual serials and lots.


SalesPad is one of the only systems to offer barcoding capabilities. Print labels and barcode products and bins all within our easy-to-use system. You won’t even need to find additional software to create labels. SalesPad Cloud supports scanning barcodes for all standard warehouse operations using an iOS app and affordable cradle. 


SalesPad Cloud users can set up a unit of measure schedule, containing multiple units of measure. Even if you are selling a complex item like electrical wire, you can use SalesPad Cloud to track sales of it by the foot, by the spool, and by the case. One unit of measure will be marked as the base, which is how SalesPad Cloud will track inventory. Then a selling and purchasing unit of measure can be set, as well as defining conversion factors for additional units of measure. The approach is refreshingly straightforward; each sale is simply converted to the base measurement.


In addition to tracking inventory and facilitating sales with multiple types of unit measurement, our software is designed to help you sell items you may want grouped together. This process can be easier than you ever imagined after you link them together in a collection. Whether you have one kit / bundle configuration or several, SalesPad Cloud helps you organize, sell, and keep track of it all.


SalesPad Cloud users can also easily manage items that a purchaser will put together. Similar to a kit or bundle, these items are linked together as an assembly. Light fixtures are a great example: multiple assemblies may have with several parts in common, but SalesPad Cloud can help you manage inventory and process the right parts together.