SalesPad Cloud Small Business CRM allows you to keep track of all communications with customers and manage transactions in the customer card interactions tab. You can also use the customer card to track multiple locations and contacts for all your customers.

Included in one low monthly price, you will also receive access to SalesPad Cloud Inventory, E-commerce, Point of Sale, Workflow and Purchasing.

We understand that customer relationship management is about so much more than managing lists of customers and contacts. SalesPad Cloud’s small business CRM means greater interactivity, productivity, and efficiency.


With SalesPad Cloud Small Business CRM, you have one central location store and manage prospect and customer information, including contact info, accounts, leads, and sales opportunities. You will no longer have to pull up your iPhone® or Android® contacts nor check your Rolodex® ever again.


The SP Cloud customer card gives you the ability to see integrated data, add and edit customers, enter interactions, and create new transactions within the CRM. An audit trail is built into each customer card and you can sync customers, interactions, and transactions.

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